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Got the desired serial after waiting 500 days

500 Wanted serial found after waiting day, Colors TV ‘a little cloud’ In Anurag Basu’ As it will be the actor’s entry

Colors (Colors Tv) The new show, a little cloud, little water’ In the main heroine Kajol (Ishita Dutta)  The journey of a strong and independent woman Bengali girl is shown. On the one hand, there is a lot of excitement among fans about her character, So on the other hand, a lead character in the show ‘Anurag Basu’ is also entering. Anurag’s character actor Karan Indicator (Karan Suchak)  Playing. The maker’s areas if they have the best ability to bring their character to life.

Anurag from business is a cardiologist, But when it comes to their hearts, So because of their relationship with their mother, they keep their distance from women. Actor Karan Indicator is confident that ‘Anurag Basu’ Will become everyone’s favorite. He explained that ‘‘Spending time on set he’s enjoying quite a lot. Saran says that ‘Corona epidemic caused me 500 It took more than days to come back on TV. Although I was getting offers, But it was important for me to present myself in the right place and do the right thing.”

New Anurag Basu

Karan further said that working for his new show with big GEC channels like Colors could have been nothing better. I ‘a little cloud, a little water’ Excited to play Anurag Basu in. I have worked hard because of this and I hope the audience will love my character.’’ Karan is said to be seen opposite Kajol i.e. Ishita Dutta in the serial.

Colors are the first show on TV

Karan’s Live TV serial, “Maharakshak Devi” (Maharakshak Devi) I played Narada and Inspector Narayan. Star Plus K “Sia K. Ram” The role of Laxman played by Karan in was loved by the audience. 2017 He got a chance to play the lead role of Bajirao in Peshwa Bajirao and the serials to be shown on End TV this year, He played Akhilesh Pandey in my harmful wife. This is their first show on Colors TV.


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