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Actor Manoj Tiger, furious at Khesari Lal, was praised a few days ago, now apologizes.

Mumbai: Bhojpuri cinema’s famous actor Manoj Singh Tiger alias Bahasa Chacha posted a video in which he praised Khesari Lal for the controversy between Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav. Describing Khesari Lal as humble and hardworking, he said that Khesari Lal had reached this point on the strength of his hard work, no one has supported him.

However, now Manoj Tiger has apologized to the people for this. He has directly vented his anger on Khesari Lal fiercely. Manoj Tiger said, that I am sorry that I made that video. I apologize to the people and will delete that video.

One day before, the person uncle had praised a lot, why did he start taking anger on him the next day? It happened that Khesari said many things regarding the dispute with Pawan Singh. He is the most expensive actor in Bhojpuri. Speaking about the Bhojpuri actor, he said that these people are no one above five lakhs. Manoj Tiger got furious about this and took out a lot of anger on him.

Manoj Tiger said that this is the height of arrogance. He said there is also Amitabh Bachchan in the industry, there is also Nawazuddin, there is also Shahrukh. Some take five crores, and some take two crores. Some take one crore. Samar Singh, Kallu, Pramod Premi, Chintu Golu. These are heroes too. They will say that it is not more than five lakhs. Then we are not even counted like us. In this way, we have become 25 thousand people.

Manoj Tiger asked Khesari to apologize. Said, what did not say about you. I heard abuses from people, and you said so. You should apologize for the most. I am sorry that I made that video. I apologize to all and will delete that video. I’m not afraid of anyone. Nor am I anyone’s spoon. Please don’t give me work in your films.

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