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Akshara Singh showed attitude

Akshara Singh shows off in front of Karan Johar, This is the truth of bhojpuri industry

Bhojpuri queen Akshara Singh rules the hearts of fans. Akshara makes everyone crazy with her style and fashion. Akshara is seen making a splash in Bigg Boss OTT these days. In the first weekend war of Bigg Boss OTT, Akshara has shown her mettle in front of the show’s host Karan Johar.

Akshara is seen in a dum bindass style in this reality show. Every single style of Akshara is pleasing to the fans. The actress is not at all missing out on making her point in front of anyone. Akshara has hit out at Divya Agarwal in front of Karan Johar in the first weekend’s war.

Akshara Singh shows off

Akshara put up Divya’s class while bursting a foul-faced balloon in front of host Karan Johar. Akshara burst Divya’s balloon saying that these people consider Bhojpuri cinema to be inferior, Karan Johar interrupts Divya as soon as she speaks in the middle. Akshara then adds that she interrupts everyone, These people define the level of Bhojpuri, I can say that the level of Bhojpuri is very big.

The angry actress further says that these people who call themselves superstars should not tell us what level Bhojpuri is and if we talk to them, we will go down., We ourselves say to Fakra that we are very big. We present Bhojpuri. We know our sanskars and tamiz. On hearing Akshara’s words, Karan Johar says, “I have been in cinema for years. Karan is also seen praising Akshara after that.



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Akshara’s tavar has taken to social media. It was Akshara herself who shared the video on her Instagram account, Which is increasingly engulfing among the fans. Fans are quite fond of this style of actress.

Speaking of Akshara Singh, she is quite active on social media and shares her special photos, etc. for fans day in and day out. Akshara’s fans now want to see her become the winner of Bigg Boss.


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