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Anupamaa Twist: Anuj-Anupama to bring Akshay back to Malavika’s happiness, Vanraj will join hands

In the upcoming episode of StarPlus show Anupama, viewers will get to see many twists and turns. In the show, Anupama and Anuj will now find Malvika's boyfriend Akshay for her happiness.

StarPlus show Anupama continues to be number one on the TRP list. The audience is constantly getting to see many twists and turns in the show. New revelations are happening one after the other in the serial. In the last episode, the truth of Malvika’s past comes to the fore in front of Anupama before the New Year’s party. Anu learns that Mukku has been a victim of domestic violence. Because of which she feels herself broken.

In the coming episodes, Anupama and Anuj get very upset for Malvika and try their best to get her out of this storm. Anupama will decide from within that she will stay out of this bitter past of Malvika. However, Anupama has also thought of a plan for this. In which she will tell in front of Anuj.

Anupama will say that there is an idea to get Mukku out of this shock. On which Anuj will ask. Anu will tell that if Malavika’s boyfriend Akshay truly loves her, he will come back, and Makku will forget her bad past by spending time with her. Anuj and Anupama will work on this plan by holding each other’s hand.

However, Vanraj Shah also gets the news of this plan, and he also wants to support Anu and Anuj in this plan. There Anuj also agrees. On the other hand, the audience will see that seeing Anuj alone, Malvika wants to spend time alone with her. Because of which he trusts Vanraj and hands over all the responsibility of the work to him. Anuj will give Vanraj a power of attorney to run the Kapadia business now; only the coming episodes will show how Vanraj runs this business.

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