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Aryan Khan Drug Case: No recovery, no medical, no drugs, yet why arrest? Aryan Khan’s lawyer calls NCB action illegal

The bail application of Shah Rukh Khan (Shahrukh Khan) son Aryan Khan (Aryan Khan) in the Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party case was heard in the Mumbai High Court (Bombay High Court) today (October 25, Tuesday). Aryan Khan had moved the high court for immediate hearing after the special court refused bail under the NDPS (NDPS) Act in a hearing held on October 20. Former Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi (Mukul Rohatgi) today came forward to defend Aryan Khan after his bail plea was rejected by the Magistrates’ Court and sessions court. He termed Aryan Khan’s arrest as illegal and put the NCB in the dock over the action. Arbaaz Merchant’s bail application is currently under trial.

He introduced a new affidavit on behalf of Aryan Khan. Mukul Rohatgi questioned whether Aryan khan did not recover the drugs. Mukul Rohatgi told the court that medical examination has not been conducted so far after the action against Aryan Khan. On what basis can the NCB accuse Aryan Khan of taking drugs when there is no medical examination? No recovery, no medical, no drugs Yet Aryan khan was sectioned 27A by NCB and described as part of the drugs racket.

No transaction related to purchasing and sale of drugs was made by Aryan Khan

There has been no transaction related to the purchase and sale of drugs by Aryan Khan. Aryan was not financed to this party. How can the NCB allege that they were involved in the drug transaction? Mukul Rohatgi said Aryan Khan did not have a cruise party ticket. They didn’t even arrive on the cruise. They were arrested before arriving on the cruise.

Aryan Khan targeted – Mukul Rohatgi

Mukul Rastogi argued in favor of Aryan Khan’s bail saying that Pratik Gabha had invited Aryan Khan on the cruise. The Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party took place on October 2. 6 grams of drugs were recovered near Aryan Khan’s friend Arbaaz Merchant. The drugs were not recovered from Aryan. NCB is saying that Aryan used to consume drugs. People abroad were in touch. All these things have been trialed. Must prove there. Aryan Khan had only one friend here, Arbaaz Merchant. Aryan has nothing to do with the rest of the 20.

Cruise drugs party is not mentioned in any of Aryan’s chats, then how is the chat evidence against him?

The chats of Aryan Khan that are being cited have nothing to do with the Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party. That chat belongs in some other relation somewhere else. These chats are from 2018-2019. Aryan and Achit had a chat several months back. There was a chat about some games. But it is being interpreted differently. There was no reason to arrest Aryan in connection with the Mumbai cruise drugs party. That is, Aryan Khan was deliberately targeted. Its powers have been misused by NCB. Aryan was invited as a guest on the cruise on the 2nd. He did not take drugs, yet he was targeted by trapping.

If the party didn’t happen, then how did drugs become a party matter if the party was already caught?

Mukul Rohatgi said that Aryan Khan was going to Goa for two days. On 2 October, the cruise was going from Mumbai to Goa. It is being said that there was a drug party on the cruise. Rohatgi said that suppose 5-10 youths know each other and plan that let’s have a party. But there was no party. Caught before the party. Arbaaz has already said that drugs have been planted against him. In such a situation, the arrest of Aryan Khan is completely illegal.

Aryan Khan’s mobile was confiscated, why is it not mentioned in the Panchnama?

Mukul Rohatgi raised another important question on the action of NCB in the court. Rohatgi said that when Aryan Khan was caught, his mobile was confiscated. Why has NCB not mentioned this in its Panchnama? The mobile chat is being talked about so much, which has nothing to do with the cruise drugs party. That mobile phone is not mentioned anywhere in the Panchnama of NCB?

Aryan Khan takes drugs so why was he not sent to the de-addiction center?

Mukul Rohatgi argued in favor of Aryan Khan saying that NCB is trying to prove time and again that Aryan Khan takes drugs. If Aryan Khan takes drugs then NCB should have sent him to the de-addiction center by now. Why has NCB not sent Aryan Khan to the de-addiction center yet? Why was he kept in custody for 20 days? Rohatgi said that these are young children. The law says that they should be treated as victims and not as accused. Even if he had consumed he should have been rehabbed, not kept in custody.

Let us inform that before Mukul Rohatgi argued in favor of Aryan Khan till now, Satish Maneshinde and Amit Desai had presented arguments in favor of Aryan. Apart from these, Anandini Fernandes and Rustom Mulla were also included in the team of lawyers.

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