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Avatar 2 Box Office: Avatar The Way Of Water joins the $2 billion club, only 6 films have this record

Avatar 2 has added another record to its name. The film has entered the $2 billion club at the box office collections.

Avatar 2 Box Office: Bollywood director James Cameron’s film Avatar The Way of Water is making new records at the box office these days. Even after 6 weeks of the release of this film, the film is earning continuously. With this, Avatar The Way of Water has created another new record in its name. The film has entered the $2 billion club with its stupendous box office collection. If the film continues to earn like this, then in a few days Avatar The Way of Water will become the highest grossing film in the world.

The entry of the film Avatar The Way of Water in the 2 billion dollar club is also special because now only 6 films have been such, who have made this record in their name. Before Avatar The Way Of Water, Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Avatar and Titanic have made this record. The three films included in this list are Avatar The Way of Water, Avatar and Titanic director James Cameron. Avatar 2 has earned 2.024 billion worldwide so far. On the other hand, if we talk about the Indian box office, the film has so far earned a total of more than Rs 389 crore.

world’s highest grossing film

The film has benefited immensely from the non-release of big films at the Indian box office for the past several weeks. If Avatar: The Way of Water maintains its momentum for a few more days, then it will become the highest-grossing film in the world. Explain that Avatar 2 has collected $ 2.9 billion, Avengers Endgame $ 2.79 billion, Titanic $ 2.9 billion, Star Wars The Force Awakens $ 2.069 billion and Avengers Infinity War $ 2.04 billion.

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