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Ayushman said – don't stereotype yourself

Ayushmann Khurrana gives special advice to fans, Don’t stereotype yourself

Young Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana said that his purpose as an artist is to constantly tell people not to stereotype themselves or others. He does it through his films which he likes to be a part of. He constantly wants to do films with content that is different and spread the message of positivity in society.

Ayushmann says his blockbuster film Dream Girl, Completing the second anniversary of its release today, The purpose was to do the same.

Says Ayushmann, ‘Knowingly or unknowingly, we constantly force everything around us to be stereotyped. now and then, We don’t even know if we’re either getting stereotypes or making others stereotypes or we’re stereotyped ourselves’.

Ayushmann credits his director Raj Shandilya and producer Ekta Kapoor for trying to spread this essential message through the film. They say, ‘I loved the script of Dream Girl because it talks about not allowing us to stereotype ourselves as it prevents us from recognizing our abilities and doing something different. It told us when we break this cycle, So we can bring about a positive change in society.

Told about your character

Ayushmann adds, ‘My character Karamveer stops himself from being stereotyped when he decides to become pooja. For me, It was a fresh and shocking idea and it hit me at home as I am constantly looking for topics that have a message for the audience’.

Ayushmann says he will be satisfied as an actor if he sticks to this mission to break stereotypes. They say, “If you Bala, Shubh Mangal to watch films like More Beware, So you’ll find that I’m trying to tell people not to stereotype themselves. I hope I can get some good scripts that will help me further this message. As an artist, it will really make me happy.”


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