Ben Affleck Goes Viral For Looking Bored As He Sits With J.Lo On Grammys Date Night

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Ben Affleck Arrived at the Grammy Awards with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, but he didn’t seem that thrilled to be there. Ben and Jen skip the red carpet but sit at the front of the room at the awards show. J. Lo was in attendance as a presenter, and Ben was by her side for the four-hour show. However, every time the camera panned on him, he looked “pathetic,” according to fans on Twitter.

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Ben Affleck wants to go to Jane’s house. Everyone in this video looks like they are grooving to a different song 😂

— Sakshi Narula (@mssakshinarula) February 6, 2023

At one point, everyone was dancing on their feet with a performance, but when the camera panned over to Ben and Jen, she was nodding her head along to the song. “Ben Affleck wants to go home to Jen,” someone captioned a video of the moment on Twitter; in another moment, Jennifer was rocking in her seat to the music while Ben looked excitedly around the room.

Ben Affleck worried about whether P Diddy was going to perform at 50 Years of Hip Hop….

— Stacy Wofsy (@wofsy_stacy) February 6, 2023

After a commercial break, the host, Trevor Noah, Was seated next to Jen and Ben to start the next segment. The two do not realize that the cameras have started rolling again, and they have a brief conversation. Ben whispered in Jane’s ear, and she slightly scolded him. Once she realized the cameras were on her, though, Jennifer came to attention and smiled for the viewers at home.

I’m sorry, but this is a pathetic man! #ben affleck

– Proud Trump Hater 🌊🌊🌊 (@azardey3) February 6, 2023

Fans on Twitter started trolling Ben for his reaction to everything. One person joked, “Ben Affleck is like how every guy gets dragged into a couple’s baby shower.” At the same time, another said, “Ben Affleck Stevie Wonder crushes higher ground than anywhere else at the Grammys watching Will happen.”

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Sometime this year, Jennifer will release her new album, this me now, which follows up on the 2002 record it’s me…again, The debut album was released during Jen and Ben’s first romance, which led to their calling off their engagement in 2004. However, the two reconnect and get back together in 2021. Jen sings about rekindling a relationship on her new record.

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