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Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh's emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss house cried bitterly because of this

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss house cried bitterly because of this

Bigg Boss OTT is live 24/7. At the same time, a one-hour special episode is also being streamed from 7 pm. The show has started rocking from day one. The family members are also seen in full form. With the entry into the house, there was a fight between Divya Agarwal and Prateek Sahajpal. At the same time, the Bhojpuri actress was also seen getting emotional in the show.

Akshara Singh started crying

Actually, Akshara Singh got hurt due to a comment from Moose Jatana in the show. She did not like Moose’s comment and started crying. While having dinner, Akshara Singh comes and sits. At that time some people including Milind, Nishant, Neha, Rakesh, and Prateek are sitting. Akshara says that she is very friendly with Moose but now she will maintain distance.

When asked the reason for this, Akshara said – I casually asked Moose to find Milind Gaba for dinner. Moose used abusive words on this. I felt bad. She is friendly with me but I didn’t like her tone.



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Comment on Akshara’s work

Moose also commented about my work – “Yeh jo tum Bhojpuri song wana gati ho…” Moose spoke like this. Akshara said – this is not good. He does not have the right to comment on my profession. My livelihood comes from the Bhojpuri industry. This is my profession. If you tell me with love, I will do anything, but don’t talk to me like this.

While talking about all this, Akshara wipes her tears with a towel. Riddhima pacifies them. Moose overhears all this and tries to clear it with Akshara and Milind. Moose says it was not disrespectful at all. It was in a funny way. On this Milind says that such jokes are not good.

After this Akshara goes to the garden area and cries. Divya says that if she feels that there is anything like crying over it, then Akshara should pick it up. Akshara says she will let it go. Moose once again wants to clear things up with Akshara and Milind, but they do not talk. So Moose says that I tried to tell my side, but they do not want to.

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