Bhojpuri actress quit acting for Islam, said intention to live life according to the dictates of Allah.

Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsa posted on social media Instagram in three languages ​​Hinglish, English, and Urdu. Through this post, she told her fans that she is now going to follow the path of Islam, and she is saying goodbye to showbiz.

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Many actresses have left the cinema world’s glare to follow Islam’s path. The names of these actresses include Zaira Wasim and Sana Khan. Now actress Sahar Afsha, who has worked with all the big stars like Khesari Lal Yadav, and Pawan Singh, has also decided to follow the path of these actresses. Sahar himself informed us about this by posting a post on social media Instagram. His fans are distraught with Sahar Afsha leaving the acting world.

Industry left for Islam.

Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsha has posted on social media Instagram in three languages ​​Hinglish, English, and Urdu. Through her long and wide posts, Afsha has tried to tell her heart to the fans. She wrote in her note that I wanted to tell you all that I had decided that I was going to leave the film industry, and now I have nothing to do with it. And inshallah, I intend to spend my next life according to Islamic teachings and the laws of Allah. I seek forgiveness from Allah for how I have lived my life in the past.

Sahar Afsha further wrote in her post that even though I may get a lot of wealth and fame, I have always been in a dilemma because she did not picture this life in my childhood just by chance. The industry went on and on, but now I will not step on this path because I have decided to end everything. The intention is to live the next life inshallah, according to the command of Allah. All of you are praying that Allah may grant me a life of istaqmat and righteousness. I hope I will be remembered not for my past life but for the life to come.



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Sana Khan also commented.

Sharing this post, Safar Afsha wrote in the caption that I am pleased to share this with you. Thank you all; remember in dua. This post of Sahar is becoming increasingly viral. Expressing happiness over this decision of Sahar, Sana Khan wrote, MashaAllah, my sister, I am very happy for you. May Allah bless you at every step of life; you inspire everyone around you and be a means to humanity

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