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Bhojpuri Chhath Geet - Sonu Nigam and Pawan Singh - Photo : Social Media

Bhojpuri Chhath Geet: Sonu Nigam came with Pawan Singh for Chhath song, video of shooting went viral

Pawan Singh’s acting not only rules the hearts of the audience, but people are also crazy about his voice. He is even singing songs in other languages. Recently, Pawan Singh surprised people by singing the song ‘Loot Gaye’, which was filmed by the famous actor Emraan Hashmi. Today he is one of the famous singers across the country. In such a situation, preparations have started for Chhath, the biggest festival of Bihar. On this occasion, Pawan Singh is bringing the song of Chhath. Along with this, a video and pictures are going viral on social media, in which famous singer Sonu Nigam is seen with Pawan Singh.


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In this video, Pawan Singh and Sonu Nigam are seen in traditional clothes. At the same time, he is also seen in the picture with Bollywood Yashi Films MD Abhay Sinha, producer, and distributor Nishant Jammuwala, Pankaj Tiwari, director Ravi Pandit, who has worked with Pawan Singh in songs like ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’.

Seeing the picture of Sonu Nigam with Pawan on social media, it is being speculated that both will be seen singing together on Chhath. This video has been shared by Pawan Singh himself. In which he is seen singing a song. Whose lyrics are ‘Pahin La Pieria, Dam Laga Pagaria’. But one thing is clear that along with Pawan Singh, Sonu Nigam is also going to be seen in this video. Now people will be eagerly waiting for the pair of both.

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