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Bhojpuri: Ritesh Pandey’s song ‘Doli Roka Ho Kahar’ will bring tears to eyes, have you seen it?

Ritesh Pandey is a famous singer in the Bhojpuri industry. One of his songs is in a lot of discussions these days. His song ‘Doli Roka Ho Kahar’ has been released, which is a sad song. Actress Pragati Bhatt is also seen in this song. She is seen opposite Ritesh in the song. The song, which was released 2 days ago, has been viewed more than 2.28 lakh times so far. In this passage, Ritesh is expressing his grief along with lifting his girlfriend’s Doli. The lyrics of this song are written by Rajkumar Sahani and the music is given by Chhotu Rawat. Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of this song.

based on the love story

This song of Ritesh Pandey is shown on Love Story. In this song, Ritesh has tried to show the pain of a lover. Who is expressing his sorrow while picking up his girlfriend’s Doli? The song also depicts a fight between boyfriend and girlfriend. This song is becoming very popular among Bhojpuri fans in a short time. Aryan Dev has directed this song. Viewers are commenting a lot below this video. So far more than 1500 comments have come on this song.

Many songs in the name of Ritesh Pandey

This is not the first Bhojpuri song of Ritesh which is being liked. Earlier, he had also released ‘Yaad Kar Jab Tu Kumbar’. Ritesh got a lot of names from this song. This song is said to be the reason behind his career getting flight. Today Ritesh is a well-known name in the Bhojpuri industry.

available on multiple platforms

This song of Ritesh is present on YouTube as well as on many other music platforms. You can also listen to this song on apps like Wink, Gaana, Saavn, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Hungama, YT Music, KKbox, and Resso.

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