Bigg Boss 15: Tejashwi Prakash and Nishant Bhatt’s strategy fails, acting didn’t work

Bigg Boss 15 - Source : Colors Tv
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Bigg Boss Season 15 saw a lot of drama. Rajiv Adatia’s entry into the house changed a lot. Shamita Shetty and Vishal’s relationship broke down while on the other hand they had a heated argument with Ishaan on the first day. Amidst all this, Bigg Boss did a captaincy task in the house in which the housemates were divided into two teams. One of the teams who performed the task was Afsana Khan, Omar Riaz, Vishal Kotiyan, Akasa Singh, Jai Bhanushali and Ishaan Sehgal.

Tejashwi and Nishant create a strategy

When the members standing inside Captain Word did not move from their place for a long time, Bigg Boss announced that they now have only two hours left to shake the first team. After which Tejashwi and Nishant formed a strategy together. Nishant was seen telling Tejashwi that you should go to Afsana and act in such a way that the powder has gone into your mouth.

Bigg Boss 15 – Source : Colors Tv

Tejashwi reaches Afsana

Tejashwi obeyed Nishant and approached Afsana and started pouring talcum powder on him. Afsana snatched the talcum powder from Tejashwi’s hand and put it on his mouth. While tejashwi pretended once or twice that powder was going into her mouth, she started coughing fast after that.

Bigg Boss 15 – Source : Colors Tv

Acting didn’t come work

Though Tejashwi and Nishant’s strategy was that their doing so would bring down Afsana and some of the other members sitting in the love captain, it did not happen. Karan Kundra brought Tejashwi inside the house where he came and told him that he was pretending to bring down the other team. At the same time, he sent out two contestants so that they could take them down.

Bigg Boss 15 – Source : Colors Tv

Pratik and Rajiv come to Omar

Omar Riaz, who has climbed the love captain, is a professional doctor, and he was the target of Pratik and Rajiv. The duo came to him and reminded Omar of his oath and said that his job is to help. Though Omar agreed to get down, Jai immediately stopped him from doing so as soon as he was about to get down.

Bigg Boss 15 – Source : Colors Tv

Jai didn’t like Tejashwi’s joke

While all the family members took it lightly, Jai Bhanushali did not like the joke made by Tejashwi at all. Jai said, ‘I can’t believe a sensible girl like Tejashwi can do that. Omar was feeling guilty that he could not help anyone. After which there was a little argument between Tejashwi and Jai.


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