Bigg Boss OTT : Rakesh Bapat reveals about the show, Questions raised when scripted

Rakesh Bapat said about Bigg Boss OTT
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Bigg Boss OTT This time there were many popular celebs in which TV star Rakesh Bapat was Also included. Rakesh was much liked. He had also reached the final, But the trophy Divya Agarwal (Divya Agarwal) won and took it away. Rakesh now spoke about the show in an interview. He didn’t understand some things about the show. Rakesh said he did not understand the equation of the people at home and how people fought and then after a minute he was seen hugging him.

Rakesh also said that he did not find all this real. Tell me Rakesh was targeted several times that he could not take the stand so talking about it Rakesh said in an interview to Ping moon, ‘I always tried to calm the situation down. I am one of those who cares about people. I don’t like hurting others. It’s not easy for me to say no to anyone while I want to say no to him myself. I’ll handle that situation in some other way. It was difficult for me to handle everyone there. I used to think there that the difficulties that were being described as big inside the house were not real problems at all. It seemed like it was all format.’

First, fight and then become friends

Rakesh further said, ‘We face an even bigger situation in real life. I realized the pattern there is – fight and fight. Then by the end of the day the same people who were fighting during the day, In the evening, they were seen hugging each other as if they had no idea how long they had been friends. I didn’t understand why people were reacting like that. When you fight someone, you make them your enemies.’

Things Didn’t Have Real

The actor said, ‘Somewhere for me it was all scripted. I didn’t find all that real at all. You have to win the trophy so you are fighting? Yes, this is a game, You fight it makes sense but some things were absolutely strange. I really thought that’s not all real. I felt quite uncomfortable there in that sichuesh.’

Rakesh further said that it was difficult for him to make his point in the Bigg Boss OTT house as he is a quiet person and does not reach the judgment directly. Nor do they like to scream and scream to win the show.


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