Brand New Cherry Flavor Review : Netflix possessive case-ending 8 The engaging series of episodes that will make you disappointed

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Brand New Cherry Flavor Series – Brand New Cherry Flavor (Brand New Cherry Flavor)
indicating – Nick Antoska (Nick Antosca )
star – 2.5


Brand New Cherry Flavor (Brand New Cherry Flavor) There is an American horror series that has been released on Netflix. This entire series is based on a novel that 1996 was released in . This is a limited series of Netflix. which means the season of this series 1 It is in this that the whole story has been completed, You don’t have to wait for the break to know the next story of this story. Total of this series 8 Episodes is every episode of which 35 from 50 Is between minutes. Tell you, The series has also been released in Hindi on Netflix.

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This series is completely 90 Has been filmed in the style of the decade. Lisa us in this series (Rosa Salazar) Appears to be a filmmaker. She comes to Hollywood to fulfill her dream. But as soon as he came to Hollywood, his Dream breaks completely, The series shows that lu (Eric Lange ) A film producer named Lisa cheats. The series shows Lisa taking revenge on this producer. This series is completely a supernatural revenge story. The story has been presented in a powerful manner since the first episode of the series, Which will make you look beyond that. Boro us in the show (Catherine Keener) There are also characters who seem to be completely dominating Lisa’s character. The audience will be very excited to know what Boro wants from Lisa when they watch the series. Viewers will also want to see how Lisa finally takes revenge on Lu. The script of the series is strong. Due to which the series is getting strong reviews on social media.

Super Natural Story Makes Series Even More Engaged

The story of this series has been made super-naturally engaged from the beginning, Because of which the audience would like to see it complete at once. Lisa, the three characters in the series, Lu and Boro have been developed well in the series. This makes the show even more special and engaging for the audience. As the story of the series progresses, You will also be completely emotionally connected to these characters. Boro’s character has been loved by the audience on the show. Which is also being discussed a lot on social media. The kind of music used in the series, He takes this series to a different level. This is why you will enjoy watching these series.

Useless Climax

The end of this series may disappoint you. Because when his climax is not strong after joining the story, the audience is definitely disappointed. We’ve got to see something similar in this series. The series is quite slow, Which can make many viewers bore it. Don’t watch this series with family at all as you can see adult and nude scenes in many places in the series.


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