BTS The leader of Kim Namjun is celebrating his birthday, Crazy fans all over the world

BTS band leader Kim Namjoon
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Today is the world’s popular pop band BTS leader RM i.e. Kim Namjun 27 Wa Birthday. Kim Namjun or RM have been leading K-pop off BTS since the time of their debut. Often his fans are highly praised for his leadership.

Big announcement about rap monster

Tell you Kim was launched by her band with the name Rap Monster Stage but Kim 2017 I was shocked to announce that he would stop using the rap monster name and instead he would now use the RM stage name.

Kim explained that the name RM is more in harmony with the music he aims to make. Kim also cited the reason why BTS rap monster’ The name was a little longer. At the same time, the name was completely different from the song that I had been making for the past five years. So I started presenting myself as Rapmon or RM instead of the full name of Rap Monster which Fans liked and their decision was welcomed.


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These are BTS band members

Bts Band in Multiple Mamber RM, V, suga, J-Hope, jungcook, Park G-min and Jin. who released two tracks earlier this year with their stellar performances. butter and permission to dance ., Joe Billboard Hot 100 Started at number one in the chart and has dominated the top numbers since its release.

BTS is known as Bangton Boys. This is South Korea’s most popular band. 2010 The band, which started in the country, has so far extracted many sanadar songs that millions of girls all over the world are addicted to. Kim Namjun started the band in association with the CEO of a company and today the whole world has become addicted to it. Obviously, the birthday of this man who has done such a great job will also be celebrated in a very special way all over the world.

Big fan following on social media

Kim Namjun has a big fan following on social media His fans are eager to know every update related to Kim and are congratulating him on his birthday today, which Kim has thanked everyone.


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