Dance Deewane 3 : Siddharth Shukla feels bad when he sees Shahnaz Gill dancing with the contestant, He said, “You are my friend.”…

Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill
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Dance Reality Show Dance Crazy 3 (Dance Deewane 3) The audience is liking it very much. The contestants of the show are winning people’s hearts with their brilliant dance. Now a special pair is going to be a guest on the show. It’s none other than Bigg Boss fame Siddharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) And Shahnaz Gill (Shehnaaz Gill) hey ! stop that !. Siddharth and Shahnaz will be seen together once again. Both dance addicts now after entertaining everyone in Bigg Boss OTT 3 I’ll make a splash.

Siddharth and Shahnaz are often seen together but both always say that they are good friends with each other. Reports of Siddharth and Shahnaz dating are often reported. Siddharth considers Shahnaz as his friend but felt very bad when someone else danced with him.

Siddharth felt bad

The new promo of Dance Deewane has surfaced in which Shahnaz Gill is seen performing a romantic dance to the song at first sight with contestant Piyush. Piyush gets irritated with Siddharth by dancing with Shahnaz. Madhuri Dixit laughs out loud when she sees all this.

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Finally, Siddharth becomes possessive about Shahnaz and kisses Piyush on his hand. Siddharth comes up from his seat and says, “I taught you and you took my friend away.” Then they bring Shahnaz back from the stage. Fans are loving this promo.

Tell you a few episodes ago Siddharth Shukla dance deewane 3 was made part of. Where he had a romantic dance with Madhuri Dixit. The dance videos of Siddharth Shukla and Madhuri Dixit went viral on social media.

Madhuri Dixit returns

Tell you Madhuri Dixit dance crazy for many episodes 3 I didn’t see it. He recently 15 She was seen in the episode on air in August. Mirabai Chanu, who brought a silver medal at the Olympics at the Independence Day Special, was also a part of the show.


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