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Daughter’s Day 2021 : Here are those of Bollywood 5 Movies, Showing a strong relationship between parents and daughter

Well then those relationships don’t need a date to celebrate any relationship, But for the past several decades a date has also been set to celebrate relationships. Like today’s Daughters’ Day. 26 international daughters ‘ day every year in September ( 2017 ) . International Daughter’s Day 2021) Is celebrated. On this day parents live their beautiful moments with their daughters even better than they do every day. Give them gifts and fulfill their wishes.

In real life, parents and daughters have a different relationship in every family, But coming to the film screen, many films here try to present this relationship with a firmness. Today, on International Daughters’ Day, we are going to talk to you about those five films, Which reflect a strong and lovely relationship between parents and daughter.

1. Thappad

The first thing on this list is the film Thappad. Directed by Taspi Pannu starrer and Anubhav Sinha, the film fully justifies a strong father-daughter relationship. A father has hardly raised his hand on his daughter, And when she discovers that her husband has slapped or disrespected her, So she stands firmly for her daughter. The daughter decides to divorce, So he stands by him in his decision. That father is the only person, Who feels his daughter’s pain and never questions her decision. This film is a brilliant example of the selfless love and support of father and daughter.

2. Gunjan Saxena

Every parent wants their children to succeed in their lives and always be happy. at that very place, When it comes to choosing a career, Which is not suitable for girls according to the Male Dominant Society, So a father struggles to complete his daughter’s career as well. Jahnvi Kapoor and Pankaj Tripathi’s Gunjan Saxena is the story of a Kargil hero, But at the same time, the film also depicts a cute relationship between father and daughter. Father, The way he inspires his daughter to fulfill her wishes, Every parent should do that.

3. Amar Prem

Not necessarily the one who gave birth to himself, Love the same child, and feel a strong relationship. Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna, and Vinod Mehra’s film saw such a relationship, which may not be associated with blood, But the heart was connected. Sharmila Tagore selflessly loving a neighboring child and the child’s attachment to an unknown woman Just reflects a sense of love.

4. Tribhanga

The story of Kajol starrer Tribhanga is the story of a scattered family. A daughter hates her mother first and then when she goes into a coma, So she is afraid of the feeling of losing her. The film shows how much children hate their parents, But their parents can never hate them.

5. mom

Sridevi’s film tells the story of such a mother and daughter, Who are going through very painful pain. Children also get a scratch, So the mother’s liver comes out. at that very place, When the mother discovers the rape of her darling, So she takes the form of Mother Kali. She punishes those sinners one by one, Due to which her daughter has reached Chont. The film shows if there is any objection to a mother’s baby, So she herself goes out to get justice for her daughter.


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