Fans angry with Karan Kundra for calling Umar Riaz a donkey trolled on social media

Umar Riaz & Karan Kundra Photo: Social Media
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The members of the show are entertaining the audience to the fullest as soon as the famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 begins. On one hand, there are some loving moments in the show. So somewhere there is a fierce fight and estrangement between some members. In the last few episodes of the show, all the contestants were seen doing a task to choose the next captain of the house. However, the task ended in a draw as neither team won the task.

In this task for the captaincy, Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty were seen playing the role of operators. In this task, both the teams stood one by one in the alphabet made in the garden area. After which the members of the opposing team had to take out the people sitting in the alphabets. This task was first done by the team of Umar Riaz.

Photo : Colors TV

After which members of the opposing team were seen harassing Umar and other members of his team in different ways to remove them from their places. During this, Umar Riaz was tortured fiercely. The opposing team made him even a joker. In such a situation, Karan Kundra was seen making fun of the condition of Umar Riaz. Karan tells Shamita Shetty that Umar Riaz deserves this. Omar is a donkey.

The fans did not like to make fun of Umar Riaz like this. What was it then, on social media, users heard Karan Kundra fiercely? A fan wrote furiously, Karan Kundrra is trying to provoke Shamita Shetty. Makers should not tolerate such acts.

At the same time, another fan wrote, Bigg Boss makers are not giving Umar a place in the show. He is supporting Karan Kundrra who is spoiling Umar’s image for his game.

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