Farah Khan to celebrate on stage ‘Teachers’ Day’ special, Look Video

'Teachers Day' special to be celebrated on stage with Farah Khan
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Super Dancer Chapter 4 (Super Dancer Chapter 4) In Today Farah Khan (Farah Khan) The show’s judge Geeta Kapoor (Geeta Kapoor) And Shilpa Shetty (Shilpa Shetty) you’re going to be seen supporting. Super dancer children join their super gurus today in the presence of Farah Khan ‘Teachers’ Day Special’ (Teacher’s Day Special) The episodes are about to be presented to the audience. In today’s special episode, some old contestants will also be seen surprised by their super guru. So let’s take a look at the Super Dancer Chapter 4 On some of the best performances to be presented on the stage today.

Florina and super guru Tushar Shetty

Today’s super dancer show on stage ‘Wonder Girl’ Florina Gogoi (Florina Gogoi) Your super guru Tushar Shetty (Tushar Shetty) together with ‘You have a heart that is in the heart’ Mahaguru Farah Khan of a steamy performance dance on the song (Farah Khan) will present it to the Not only Farah Khan but Geeta Kapoor (Geeta Kapoor) And Shilpa Shetty (Shilpa Shetty) You will also be seen praising a lot. Geeta Kapoor will praise the duo of guru Shishya and say that Florina and Tushar Super 10 Let’s go in to deserve.

Prithviraj and Super Guru Shubhronil

Super Guru Shubhronil (Shubhronil) His disciple Prithviraj (Pruthviraj) together with ‘Don’t you know we’ A different performance on the song is going to be performed on stage. Everyone on stage will be stunned to see the performance performed in a very unique way on this romantic song. Prithviraj will become a Parinda in this dancing act. Seeing his act, the show’s judge Geeta Kapoor will tell him that he has not seen a good and cute Parinda from Prithviraj to date. So Farah Khan to both of them ‘Perfect Guru Disciple’ will give the title of the pair.

Anish and Super Guru Akash

Contestant Anish (Aneesh) Your Super Guru Sky (Super Guru Akash) Together with Hrithik Roshan (Hrithik Roshan) case-ending showing possession or relation ‘Stars to reverberate in Mahfil’ The song will see a stormy dancing act performed on the stage of Super Dancer. Geeta Kapoor will be so impressed with the act that she will say that both of them are gearing up for the finale. So Farah Khan will tell both of them that this performance took them on a nostalgic journey.


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