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Shakti Kapoor spoke on the news of Shraddha and Rohan's marriage

Father Shakti Kapoor reacts to reports of Shraddha Kapoor and Rohan’s wedding, Said- If he…

Shraddha Kapoor (Shraddha Kapoor) The news of their wedding has been making headlines for the past few days. It is being said that faith, Photographer Rohan Shrestha (Rohan Shreshtha) is going to marry. However, there has been no reaction from Shraddha so far., But now the actress’s father Shakti Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor) has made his point about it. Shakti Kapoor says he will be very happy when Shraddha gets married. But it depends on Shraddha when she wants to get married.

Speaking to TOI, Shakti said Rohan is very close to his family as well. Rohan, however, is yet to talk about marrying shraddha. He said, ‘I have known Rohan’s father for many years. Rohan keeps coming to our house, But they have never asked me for a marriage hand from Shraddha. Anyway, today’s children decide all themselves. If Shraddha tells me that she has found a partner for herself or her son Siddhanth, I will gladly listen to both. Why should I refuse??’

Want daughter to take a thoughtful decision

Shakti further said, ‘But at the moment children want to focus on their careers. Marriage is a very important decision and the way people are breaking up these days makes a big difference to me so you should think well before getting married.’

Speaks on news that controls daughter’s career

Tell me there were reports that Shakti, The actor said that shraddha’s career controls, ‘Many people asked me if I didn’t want Shraddha to be an actress, But let’s say it’s not. I just want to see them shine. She’s a very hard-working and talented girl. I call Shraddha a golden girl.’

Changes over time

Shakti Kapoor said a lot of things have changed in our time and in today’s times. He said that the script as his children used to get, Well they didn’t get it. Shakti said, ‘When I started working in films, there were different roles for everyone like comedy., vamp, Villain, and lead. But heroin today’s time Can also become a villain, Heroines can do item numbers and villains also become good boys by the end.’


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