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Gashmir Mahajani quits his show ‘Imlie’, Fans jerked

Popular daily soap making a splash in TV TRP charts ‘the tamarind Tamarindus indica tree and its fruit’ (Imlie) There has been a big change in the serial. Yes,, Aditya Kumar Tripathi on the show (Aditya Kumar Tripathi) Actor Gashmir Mahajani playing the role of ( Gashmeer Mahajani) Has now bid farewell to the show. Fans have been shaken by this news. Tell you, There are many kinds of conspiracies being hatched in this show. Imli and Aditya’s love where Malini was already watching, Where now satyakam has also made a villainous entry in it.

The departure of a key character from a show like Aditya Kumar Tripathi is not reading the audience at all. Tell you, Yesterday, Gashmir Mahajani posted some Insta stories on his social media account. In which he has mentioned that he is now leaving the show. Tell you, The actor is seen on the sets of his shooting in these videos. Where they say that ”Today is my last day on this set, Last 9 We’ve been working here continuously for months.” At the same time, he is his director on the sets., And also get fans to meet creative designers.

In the midst of all this, actors don’t mention anywhere why they have decided to quit the show. Because his track on the show is also going well right now. Where the actor posted a post on social media today saying that he will come live on Instagram today. Where he is going to have a very special conversation with all his fans. Tell you, The audience was loving Gashmir Mahajani on the show. His pairing with Tamarind also had a strong notch on the TRP charts. But now fans just don’t understand why Gashmir Mahajani has to leave the show. Tell you, Many stars have appeared back to us on the show after talking similarly before. Now it will be extremely fun to see the actor really I am leaving this show or it’s a twist.

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