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Gehana Vashishta shows tevar, I will take action against those who implicate them.

Supreme Court in film case (Supreme Court) Actress gehana Visisth after getting bail from (gehana Visisth) The fever now seems to have changed. gehana Visisth arrived before the property cell of Mumbai Crime Police on Thursday to record her statement. It was then that gehana Visisth issued her statement in the media. gehana Visisth said she has been saying for a long time that she has been implicated in the case. He also thanked the Supreme Court.

gehana Visisth has appeared to be calling herself innocent from the beginning. gehana Visisth has said from the beginning that all the films were only bold. Not only that, she has always appeared in favour of Raj Kundra. But now gehana Visisth has created a mood to take action against the other.

Gehana Visisth to take action

Addressing the media, gehana Visisth said, “I just want to tell you that I am being implicated in the whole episode. gehana Visisth has said that the girl who lodged a complaint against me has done the same to four other directors. The films he made with Raj were erotic.

Jewel to claim defamation

Not only that, he has said that unilateral things are happening in this case. gehana Visisth says the fight now is why I was detained and when my case opens, everyone will know the truth about how I was framed.

The actress also threatened to file a case against women who complained against her, saying she would fight against it with all her might and bring the truth to the fore. She will also claim defamation to teach a lesson.

The jewels were arrested

Tell you that gehana Visisth raj has worked with Kundra. Jewel was first detained in february in connection with the film making case. After which he too had to be in jail for a long time. The gehana Visisth are out on the vine at the moment.


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