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Govinda with wife Sunita

Govinda was not in a relationship with her wife Sunita before marriage serious, They used to say: Be like a sapphire…

Bollywood actor Govinda (Govinda) Wife of Sunita (Sunita) These days are quite in the news. The reason is his recent Krishna Abhishek (Krushna Abhishek) Statement made. Tell us that actor Krishna Abhishek is the nephew of actor Govinda. The two have been at loggerheads for a few days. current, We will not talk about this controversy., Today we will talk about Govinda’s wife Sunita about how she spent so many years with Govinda and why Govinda was not serious about his relationship with Sunita before marriage. This was once revealed by Govinda himself in an interview with Stardust magazine.

Govinda had said- I had no intention of being in a serious relationship with Sunita. I was just looking for a girl, Who can live with me. I signed a lot of films at that time. One day my brother Kirti came to meet me on the sets. I had to do a romantic scene, But I couldn’t do that. I was feeling very uncomfortable and holding a girl’s hand seemed very strange to me.

Govinda was not serious with Sunita

He further said that then my brother told me why you don’t have an affair So that you can experience romance. At least you’ll have an idea of how to hold the girl’s hand. So I met Sunita at that time. My relationship with Sunita was just a deliberate move at that time and Cost me a lot. It was very quick for me to realize it. After that, I had already given a commitment to Sunita. I’m very impressed.

Govinda had to have an expensive relationship with Neelam

Govinda’s relationship with actress Neelam had also affected the relationship between Sunita and the actor. Referring to this, Govinda had said, “I never thought that a young girl (Neelam), The one who has got the name and fame will have a very down-to-earth. I couldn’t stop myself from praising them in front of my family and friends. I often told Sunita to change herself and be like Neelam. Sunita used to be irritated by it. She used to tell me- You loved me because you liked me as I am. Don’t even try to change me. But I was very confused about what to do.

Few people know that Govinda got engaged to Sunita, But after some time this engagement was broken. although, The two got married after the rift was over. Talking about this, Govinda says, “As soon as my work got busy, Sunita and I began to change. She was beginning to feel insecure and jealous. She would complain to me, So I used to get angry. We were constantly fighting. One day during the fight, Sunita said something about Neelam and I got angry, I broke off the engagement. I told Sunita to leave me alone and I broke off my engagement with her. Sunita didn’t talk to me for five days and she started feeling that I had done all this to marry Neelam. although, Later all was resolved.


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