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guru randhawa net worth

Guru Randhawa Net Worth: Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa owns property worth crores, Luxury trains are fond of

When it comes to Punjabi music, the first name in today’s time is Guru Randhawa in everyone’s mind (Guru Randhawa) comes off. Guru Randhawa is known all over the world for his singing. He’s an actor with a great singer, There are producers and lyricists too. Today Guru Apna 30Celebrating the fifth birthday. Tell you about their net worth on their birthdays.

The guru has made a big name at a very young age. He started his career in the year 2013 And now he’s at the peak of his career. They get the love of people all over the world. He has distinguished himself in the music industry.

Guru Randhawa Net Worth

When it comes to Guru Randhawa’s net worth caknowledge.com According to reports, his net worth is close to 29 Crores of rupees. Music composer sans his earnings, Stage Performance, Professional signing. He has done many live shows all over the world. According to reports, their one-year income is almost 3 Crores.

Guru Randhawa’s House

The guru was born in Gurdaspur in Punjab. He recently took a luxurious house in Gurugram.

Luxury trains have a hobby

Guru Randhawa is very fond of luxury trains. They have expensive cars. Mercedes C Class in their car collection, BMW GT, Range Rover Evoc, Doj Challenger SRT, Many trains like Lamborghini is included.

Guru Randhawa has also sung songs in many films. The suit in Hindi Medium, Blackmail in Patola, Inni Sony in Saaho, Songs like Lagdi Lahore Di in Street Dancer guru has sung for Bollywood films.

Tell you guru has studied MBA from Delhi. He started performing at small events in Delhi as soon as he studied. His real name is Gurusharanjeet Singh. He was given by Guru Ranrapper Bohemian.


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