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Hacked: ‘Stars on the ground’ Tisca Chopra’s Instagram hacked, Actress privately accounts!

Aamir Khan (Aamir Khan) The Movie ‘Stars on the ground’ Actress Tisca Chopra (Tisca Chopra) The Instagram account has been hacked. This was reported by Tisca Chopra herself through an Instagram post on Sunday. Tisca says many of her posts have been deleted and she has also advised her fans not to click on any links. current, Tisca has lodged a complaint with the cyber cell about the matter.

47 Actress Tisca Chopra, 20, posted on her Instagram, In which he wrote: Hello to every one, Just want to tell you all that my Instagram account has been hacked. This case is now with the cyber cell. Please don’t click on any of my links, It could be a trick. Love you all… Sharing this post, Tisca briefly explained the hacking in its caption.

Tisca Chopra shares pain with fans

Tisca writes- Let me tell you how much I like to interact with all of you here. Let me have my life, It’s nice to share work and fun content with you. Sadly, my account was hacked, A lot of posts were deleted and my account was damaged. Cybercrime cell and Instagram users assure me that it will be dealt with very fast and the hackers will face serious consequences.

Tisca Chopra on Instagram 1.3 There are a million followers. Tisca has warned her followers not to click on any suspicious posts that appear on her Instagram, Otherwise, their accounts may also be hacked. He said it is safe to comment on his post and like it.

current, The post has now been deleted from Tisca’s account and the actress’ account has also become private. although, It will be difficult to say whether the deleted post and account has been done by private TISCA or that hackers are still sitting on their accounts.

These stars also had Instagram hacked

Tell you this is not the first time When the account of Which Bollywood personality has been hacked. Esha Deol earlier, Amisha Patel, Vikrant Macy, Accounts of many celebrities like Asha Bhosle have been hacked. although, Their accounts were recovered shortly thereafter.


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