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Om Puri was furious at Prabhu Chawla (File Photo)

Had there been greed, I would have asked for money to come on the show – Om Puri was furious when Prabhu Chawla’s questions

Prabhu Chawla asked Om Puri a question of whether he does low-level films for money. On hearing this, Om Puri had said that if there was greed, he would have asked for money to appear in the show.

In Aaj Tak’s show, ‘Sidhi Baat’, Prabhu Chawla asked him the question, ‘Why did you do art films, standard films, why are you doing B grade films like AK 47, Guru Mahaguru films now?’ In response, Om Puri said, ‘How did the AK 47 become B grade? You see what the film says. You can consider Guru Mahaguru as B grade.

Prabhu Chawla asked him again, ‘Then why did you do it? For money? You are 54 years old.’ Om Puri replied, ‘Yes absolutely! I do not belong to a rich family that my parents were landlords, they had very big factories. I have come from a middle-class family.

Furious at his words, Om Puri had said, ‘Hey, why are you after money again and again? shall I take you home? I have a house and I live well but you are behind like I have no work other than money. If there was so much greed for money, I would have told you that man, give me money to speak for half an hour in direct talk. Did I ask you for money? What did you ask?’

Meanwhile, Prabhu Chawla was asked that why does he leave Bollywood and work in Hollywood films, for the money? In response, Om Puri said, ‘Money is necessary for me to lead a good life, not necessary for a car bungalow but to live well.’ When Prabhu Chawla interrupted him again, he got angry and said, ‘You are devils. You are very mischievous. You are calling me who want to speak for themselves.

Om Puri gave many great films in his film career like Aakrosh, Ardha Satya, Matches, Dhoop. He received National Film Award for his performance in Ardha Satya.

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