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Is Karan’s show hosting style better than Salman Khan? Know what is the difference

New Delhi: The most controversial reality TV show of the small screen has returned in a slightly different style this time. The show has been started on the OTT platform Voot Select and is being hosted by veteran filmmaker Karan Johar. When the same show lands on TV after a few weeks, superstar Salman Khan will once again take over the command of the show.

What is the difference between the two hostings?

Fans were very excited to know how Karan Johar will host the show and how will his style be different from Salman Khan’s? The process of comparisons has also started regarding the show. So let’s know what are the differences in the way both of them host the show, which people are noticing.


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Dabangg is Salman Khan’s style

Superstar Salman Khan’s style of hosting the show is quite domineering. He is known to come every weekend to conduct classes for the contestants, and apart from this, he often lashes out at some member of the house. At the same time, the style of Karan Johar is quite flirtatious. He has more fun while hosting the show and says things in a twisted manner.


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This is the style in front of the contestants

Every contestant gives a performance on the premiere day of the show. This has been happening since a long time ago. On this special occasion, where Karan Johar openly talks to every contestant, Salman Khan is known for his one-liners and taunting style.

Koffee with Karan Wali keeps the tone

Karan Johar was seen talking frankly to him about his personal and professional life while hosting the show. At the same time, Salman Khan did not interfere much in anyone’s personal life and his communication was only around the TV show and the events happening inside it.

Entertaining is Karan Johar’s style

Within the show, Karan Johar was also seen promoting his films and his songs like Salman Khan. But while on one hand, Salman Khan used to jokingly postpone the demands of the contestants, Karan Johar was seen fulfilling the requests of every contestant who became a part of the show on the spot.

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