Ishaan and Rajiv fought because of Maisha, Ishaan angrily said – I am not a child…

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In Bigg Boss 15, Rajeev Aditya has entered as a wild card contestant. With the arrival of Rajiv, the atmosphere of the house has completely changed. Rajiv is everyone’s friend in the house as he knows the contestants from outside. The bond of Rajiv and Ishaan Sehgal is also looking very strong. When Rajiv came to the house, Ishaan told Maisha that he knew Rajiv from London. But now it is because of Maisha that the distance between Rajiv and Ishaan is increasing.

After coming to the house, Rajeev Aditya advised Ishaan to stay away from Maisha and concentrate on playing his game. During this, there was a slight tussle between the two. At the same time, now once again there was a debate between the two. As it happened, Rajiv, Ishaan, and Maisha are sitting in the hall. During this Rajiv says that I do not understand both of you. Sometimes you keep fighting, sometimes you get together.

On this matter of Rajiv, Ishaan says that you have gone mad. You know what you mean to me. This argument of Rajiv and Ishaan attracts the attention of the whole house. Everyone comes around him. During this, Rajiv tells everyone that, the way this person is behaving with me here, he is not outside. I do not know this Ishaan. Apart from this, Rajiv also says that a friend has come from outside the house and he is not even asking what happened, brother. It only cares about Maisha.

On this matter of Rajiv, Maisha says that Ishaan was telling me again and again that you are not talking to him properly. However, Rajeev does not pay heed to Maisha’s words. Rajiv further says to Ishaan that, after today we are not friends. Neither are brothers. We are just contestants. With this, Rajiv also says that whatever I say, he tells everything to Maisha. You sit with Maisha all day.

The argument between Rajiv and Ishaan was also seen in the bedroom. During this, Ishaan tells Rajiv that both of them should settle the estrangement between them. But when Rajiv does not answer them properly. So Ishaan tells them, I am not a child while drinking milk. I can see everything.

At the same time, later both try to end the dispute between them. During this, Rajiv also says that he was joking, but Ishaan gets very angry after listening to him and says that, my image is getting spoiled. Well, it is true that the fight between Ishaan and Rajiv is increasing.

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