Kaity Biggar: 5 Things To Know About Woman Who Gets Early Overnight With Zach On ‘The Bachelor’

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    • Katy Bigger competes with Zach Shallcross on Season 27 of ‘The Bachelor.’
    • In the February 6 episode preview, Zack asks Katy if she wants to spend the night with him during a one-on-one meeting.
    • Katy works as an ER nurse in Austin, Texas.

    Usually, overnight dates the Bachelor. This won’t happen until only three contestants are left, but this season, Zach Shawcross is changing things. One in Preview For the upcoming February 6 episode, Zach takes on contestant Katy on a one-on-one date to the Natural History Museum. He then asks her if she wants to spend the night with him, and she doesn’t hesitate before answering, “Of course!”

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    – The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) February 4, 2023

    “The fact that it’s just him and me here is very special to me,” Katy said in the Preview. Meanwhile, the other girls are back at the mansion, wondering when Katy will return from her date. Learn more about the 27-year-old who is winning Zach here:

    1. What does Katy do?

    According to Katy, who works as an ER nurse in Austin, Texas, ABC Bio. But Instagram, she refers to herself as a “traveling nurse.” Katy graduated from the School of Nursing at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, in June 2019. Instagram A photo of herself in cap and gown was accompanied by the caption, “Nursing School Survivor.”

kaity biggar
Katy Biggar on ‘The Bachelor’. (ABC)
  1. Where is the kite from?

Katy resides in Austin, Texas, but is from Toronto, Ontario. In her Instagram bio, she lists both locations. It looks like she moved to Texas in 2022, as she captioned a series of pics from Austin’s Instagram With, “2966.4 km later, I’m finally home.”

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  1. Katy was a figure skater

Carty “grew up figure skating,” according to her ABC bio. For Halloween in 2016, she also paid tribute to her figure skating roots with a blade of Glory Halloween costume, which she documented Instagram,

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  1. Katy Wants a Family

Kaity is looking for love, the Bachelor, But she is also looking forward to finding the right man to start a family. “Katy can’t wait to start a family and said that if a man doesn’t want kids, it would be a dealbreaker for her,” her bio reveals. Luckily, Zach has also been open about the fact that he wants kids.

  1. Katy spends a lot of time in California.

Despite living in Texas and being from Canada, Katy also spends much time in California. In 2022, she attended Coachella with friends. She also frequently posts photos from the beach in Malibu and Santa Monica.

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