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Katrina Kaif wants to invite them in her wedding, said – When you take such decisions…

Wedding day is very special in everyone’s life whether it is a common man or a celebrity. Weddings have always been the talk of the town in Bollywood. These days the marriage of actress Katrina is in the discussion. There are reports that Katrina is going to marry Vicky Kaushal in December. For this, he has made up his mind to wear Sabyasachi’s lehenga. Although these reports are completely wrong. Amidst the news of marriage going viral, Katrina Kaif has broken the silence about her marriage for the first time.

What does Katrina Kaif think about marriage?

Actually, when she was asked about her wedding plan, Katrina said that this question is being asked for the last 15 years. Katrina has no plans to get married yet. However, during an interview a few years ago, Katrina talked about her wedding plans. Along with this, she had also told who she wants to invite to her wedding.

Even in the year 2015, the news of Katrina’s marriage was in full swing. In such a situation, in an interview given to a channel, Katrina had said that when she gets married, she will tell the whole world. Katrina had said that ‘When you think of getting married, you are ready to tell the whole world that we are going to make a commitment.

Katrina further said, ‘You are ready to talk to people. I would like the whole world to be involved in my marriage. At the same time, he had said that if a private person like me does not feel comfortable talking about love or relationship, then people understand that I am arrogant.

Some time ago the picture of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s Roka ceremony went viral. After this news spread that Vicky and Katrina have decided to get married. Although the team of both the stars had called this news false and said that no Roka ceremony has taken place, Katrina is going abroad for the shooting of Tiger 3 very soon.

Katrina may have denied the news of marriage, but Katrina Kaif still hasn’t broken her silence about her relationship with Vicky Kaushal. The two are spotted together but she is not talking openly about their relationship. Now it has to be seen how long the aspirations of the fans who dream of becoming Katrina’s bride are fulfilled.

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