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Nikki Tamboli wrote an emotional post on her brother’s first death anniversary, shared the video on social media

Last year has been terrible for Nikki Tamboli. Salarsal, Nikki lost her brother in the year 2021. Emerging from this difficult time was not less than any difficulty for the actress. Let us tell you that Nikki is often seen talking about her brother. The actress tells him her courage. In such a situation, today i.e. 4th May is the first death anniversary of Nikki Tamboli’s brother. On this occasion, Nikki has shared an emotional post for her brother on social media. Along with this post, he also wrote an eye-watering message.

Let us tell you that Nikki Tamboli has written a long caption while sharing a video on her official Instagram account. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Last year was the longest, hardest and saddest 365 days for me because you weren’t with me. Afterlife be kind to you. I miss you so much, little brother! You’re gone! A year has passed, but my heart is still wounded for you. A year doesn’t seem like a long time but without you here it feels like an eternity.”


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The actress further wrote, “Time is considered a healer, but even after a year it is as painful as the first day, whatever I do to move on from this pain, deep down inside I will always know.” That I will never be able to hug you again. Brother you taught me to be strong but sorry I let you down. I can never be strong enough to accept that you are no longer here. A family to your loved ones I will never recover from losing someone. It doesn’t matter how long ago or how old the loved one was or how they died.”

Actress Nikki Tamboli writes in the last, “Family lives with this pain every moment for the rest of its life. Goodbye dear brother you deserve eternal rest, you cared so much for one and I am blessed to have all. 4.05 .22021”

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