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Actor Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi’s sister’s wedding day was predicted by astrologer, He said, “This profession will happen.”…

National Award-winning actor Pankaj Tripathi on his birthday (Pankaj Tripathi) On the occasion, he spoke about his journey so far and the three top films of his career so far which are very close to his heart. Born and raised in Beland village in the Gopalganj district of Bihar, Pankaj shared how no one in his family and neighborhood ever thought he would be famous as an actor and even travel to an international destination beyond Nepal.

Pankaj said, “I remember my sister’s wedding and all the family members had gathered during the wedding. An astrologer told me in front of everyone that I would travel the world and I would be in a profession that would allow me to do so. He thought I might get a job and I would go to Nepal because it is an international destination and many people from our village have gone to Nepal as laborers.

Pankaj likes these three films of his

He says he (astrologer) thought if I became a chef, So I’ll work in a hotel. If there’s a big hotel, I’ll pay a good amount and that’s everything, Financial security, as well as a stable, Will, serve a happy family life. 2004 Starting my career in, Pankaj went through a tough time and did many television shows before achieving his success in cinema. Pankaj also shared those best memories of his, Who made all these projects so special.


this 2010 In Sony Entertainment was a television series aired on television. The series was a crime thriller and Pankaj played Mumbai drug kingpin, Naved Ansari. He said that in those days a show which trades, Reveals the dark side of the world of drugs, etc., Our TV and cinema were not made like today. My character Naved was actually appreciated by critics and members. I was seen by other actors and found out that I existed because I was struggling to get an acting job. although, When Pankaj looks back, he feels that he can now do Naved’s role better.


Directed by Shankar Raman, the film revolves around the story of Kehri Singh, a business tycoon. Recalling that period of his life, Pankaj said that at that time 2017 In my career I was going through a lot of uncertainty. Interestingly, my character was to become a rich businessman in Kehri, who abuses, Became drunkard, etc. Our director Shankar sir was an intelligent person who told me that Pankaj script is your map, Now you build character. It inspired me to put my mind into the whole process of making it.


2017 The film which was released in Amit Masurkar was directed by – In which Rajkummar Rao, Anjali Patil, and Raghubir Yadav were there. This movie 90The best foreign-language film at the 1st Academy Awards was Indian entry. Talking about the film, Pankaj said that when the proposal for the film came to me, So I was working on a TV series. It was quite a dull life, Where I pack my lunch, Goes to the sets of TV shows, Does the whole shoot. I was feeling emotionally low. when ‘newton’ Came to me, So I liked the character of Atman Singh, I was so excited, because 40 For days, The film was to be shot under the open sky.

current, Talking about actor Pankaj Tripathi’s work front, the ’83’ and ‘Bachchan Pandey’ Will be seen in. 83 The shooting is over and it is all set to release, While Bachchan Pandey is currently shooting.


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