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Alexander was a Russian actress.

Raghav starrer ‘spherical 3’ Actress Alexander passes away under suspicious circumstances, 2019 Was lodged in blackmailing FIR

South Film Industry (South Film Industry) The superstar of Raghav Lawrence (Raghav Lawrence) The Movie ‘spherical 3’ (Kanchana 3) Actress Alexander Dajvi, who has worked as an actress in (Alexander Djavi) has passed away. His body was found in an apartment in Goa under suspicious circumstances, In which Alexander lived on rent. NNI had reported the death of two women in a report on Friday, But it did not reveal at that time that one of them was alexander. This information came to light today i.e. Monday.

According to reports, Police found Alexander’s body hanging in his apartment. Police suspect alexander has committed suicide, But investigators are currently waiting for the post mortem report to arrive. Goa police have asked the Russian Embassy to appoint a formal delegation to meet the legal formalities of the post mortem Because Alexander has no one here So that the documents required for postmortem can be signed.

Family waits for postmortem

at that very place, The Russian Consulate told the media that Alexander’s postmortem process would be completed only after his family gave permission. In a statement, North Goa SP Shobhit Saxena said that we do not see any apprehension of any discrepancy in the matter. although, We will make a final decision on the statement of Russian representatives of the embassy and the cause of death by medico-legal examination.

24 Apart from Alexander, the body that police found, His identity 34 The year-old is in the form of Ekaterin Titova. These two are different cases. The body of one Russian woman was found on Thursday and the body of the other woman was recovered on Friday. The SP says the legal process is going on in both cases.

Meanwhile, Russian Consulate lawyer Vikram Verma has made a major revelation about the case. According to an ANI report, He explained that Alexander had sal 2019 I had filed a complaint against a photographer. Alexander alleged that he was blackmailing them for photographer sexual favors.


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