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Rakhi Sawant turns Spiderman

Spiderman Rakhi Sawant wants to make entry in Bigg Boss house, Karan Johar too shocked not to see video

Bigg Boss OTT (Bigg Boss OTT) Woot has started on and the show is being loved a lot. Many celebs have become part of the show who love to see their fans. Bigg Boss OTT is hosted by Karan Johar. Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant(Rakhi Sawant)  Now want to be a part of this show too. For which he has adopted a different avatar of his own. The video of Rakhi’s new avatar is going viral on social media.

Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant has expressed anger for not being able to make an entry into the show. Rakhi spiderman wants to go to the Bigg Boss house in costume and makeup. With this dress-up, she is wearing two golden coloured garlands around her neck.

Bigg Boss ott spot outside set

Rakhi was seen carrying bags outside the sets of the reality show in this new avatar. He posed in a spiderman look. His video is going viral on social media. Rakhi sat on strike in the parking area outside the set when the security guard refused to allow her to enter the Bigg Boss house. After which she started asking Questions to Bigg Boss as to why she was not given entry in the show.

Call Inside The House Told Bigg Boss

When Rakhi Sawant was sitting on strike outside the set Rakhi Sawant was repeatedly saying Bigg boss to call her in. He said you promised he would call him to the show every year. She also revealed that she has brought with her some gold which she bought from the jewelry store before going to the show.

People are shocked to see this avatar of Bigg Boss. The show’s host Karan Johar will also be shocked to see Rakhi in this avatar.

Siddharth and Shahnaz’s departure angered

Rakhi Sawant had expressed her anger on social media after Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill left for Bigg Boss OTT. She shared the video and wrote- I am angry Bigg Boss OTT. Hey hey, I’m very angry. What is this show called Bigg Boss OTT and not called OTT Queen? Bigg Boss I am your first wife. I’m coming.


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