Rekha’s bang entry is going to happen in Bigg Boss OTT! She will play this big responsibility in the show, know what will she be?

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New Delhi, Once again there is a lot of craze among the audience regarding the controversial show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. After this, the show is not being hosted by Salman Khan but filmmaker Karan Johar. The new news is constantly coming out about the show. But you will also be happy to hear the news this time. This time Bollywood veteran Rekha is going to enter the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. His entry into the show is happening for a special reason, which you will also be happy to see.

Rekha will be given special responsibility

According to the news of Peepingmoon, the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ have decided to give a big responsibility to actress Rekha. If reports are to be believed, Rekha is doing voiceover for a new feature in the show named ‘Tree of Fortune’. Hearing Rekha’s voice is going to be a special coffee for the fans of ‘Bigg Boss’. Now only 5 weeks are left for ‘Bigg Boss Otty’. After this Salman Khan Khan will once again be seen hosting ‘Bigg Boss 15’. On the first day of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Rekha will be seen carrying out a special responsibility.

Rekha will be seen introducing the contestant to Salman

According to the report, through the ‘Tree of Fortune’ format, Rekha will meet all the contestants of the show with Salman Khan. At the same time, Rekha will highlight the plus and minus points along with the taut contestants of the show and tell their merits. Along with this, it will also tell why top contestants can become a part of this Bigg Boss 15. During the show, Rekha will also tell how she is a strong contender to enter the 15th season of the reality show. It is also heard that Rekha has already dubbed for the same at Juhu Studios.

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