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Sai Dharma registered against Tej FIR, Police say bikes were driving at speed, We have evidence…

Cyberabad Police In a statement issued by Tollywood actor Sai Dharma Tej Bike Almost 75 Were driving at a speed of km per hour, Due to which he was the victim of a road accident. Friday night closer 8 Sai Tej was injured when he fell off his bike on the road near Novartis Company in Madhapur area at 1pm. Megastar Chiranjeevi (Megastar Chiranjeevi) K’s nephew and actor suffered multiple injuries and were hospitalized, Where his condition is stated to be stable.

Cyberabad police wished Sai Tej a speedy recovery and said it is not an unfortunate incident, If they had been careful and driven the vehicle within the permissible speed limit and tied their helmet properly. Police said, “Based on analysis of evidence found near the scene, It turns out that the bike was driven at a speed higher than the fixed speed on the road. at that very place, CCTV footage has revealed that the bike is at the site of the accident. 75 Km was at an average speed of per hour.”

There are also allegations of negligent overtaking of trains

since, He was driving rashly and negligently, Therefore, section of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against him at Rayadurgam police station of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate 336 and 279 and sections of the Motor Vehicles Act 184 Has been booked under . Police also found in their investigation that Sai tej on the cable bridge 100 The bikes were riding at an average speed of more than km per hour. Police said bike rider Sai was casually overtaking other vehicles after scanning CCTV footage.

Sai Tej is said to have bought an old bike triumph from LB Nagar resident Bura Anil Kumar, But so far it has not been registered in its name. before, Of this motorcycle 2 August 2020, There was also an overspeeding challan in Madhapur. Where the fixed speed of the bike 40 Km per hour, This bike there 87 It was run at a speed of km per hour. For this overspeeding of 1,135, There was an e-challan of rupees.

Interestingly, the invoice was paid by an unknown person on Saturday. deputy commissioner of police, Madhapur, Cyberabad, M Venkateswaralu said this is also being confirmed for investigation.


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