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Saina Nehwal’s husband gave a reply to actor Siddharth for his indecent remarks on Saina Nehwal, and the father said – apologies to the daughter.

Father Harveer Singh Nehwal has said that Siddharth will have to apologize to his daughter regarding the indecent remarks on Saina Nehwal. On the other hand, the Women's Commission has written a letter to Twitter, including the DGP of Maharashtra, asking them to take action.

South Indian actor Siddharth has come under fire for his derogatory remarks on star badminton player Saina Nehwal. Taking cognizance of the matter, the National Commission for Women has also said to take action against the actor. On the other hand, Saina’s husband and her father have also expressed their displeasure over the actor.

This is disturbing for us: Saina’s husband.

Saina Nehwal’s husband and shuttler Parupalli Kashyap has said, “It is disturbing for us. Give your opinion but choose better words.” Parupalli called the tweet derogatory and said, “I guess you thought it was cool to say such things.” Siddharth has used obscene language while replying to a tweet by Saina.

Saina Nehwal had made a tweet regarding the security lapse of PM Modi in Punjab. Condemning the incident, he wrote that no nation could claim itself to be safe if the security of its prime minister is compromised. In the most powerful possible words, I condemn the cowardly attack on PM Modi by anarchists.

The actor used abusive language while sharing Saina’s tweet. After which, he is being fiercely criticized on social media. However, seeing the matter escalating, Siddharth clarified his comment. Siddharth has said that he has not insulted anyone with his tweet. Whatever he has written has been misinterpreted and is not fair.

Saina’s father asks the actor to apologize

On the other hand, Saina Nehwal’s father, Harveer Singh Nehwal, has said that the alphabets used by Siddharth about his daughter are highly objectionable. Wrong. He condemns the actor’s statement. For this, Siddharth will have to apologize to Saina. It doesn’t matter if he deliberately made such a statement to humiliate Saina or if he had unknowingly made such a lewd comment.

At the same time, in a letter written to Twitter, the chairperson of the National Commission for Women has asked the micro-blogging site to block actor Siddharth’s tweet in which he has made remarks against badminton player Saina Nehwal. But actor Siddharth’s comment has been termed ‘anti-woman and derogatory.’ On Monday, National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma asked the DGP of Maharashtra to take action against the actor.

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