Selena Gomez Reveals Lupus Medication Makes Her Hands Shake After She’s Mocked On TikTok

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Selena Gomez30 went to the comment section of the social media platform TIC Toc In a recent video to explain why her hands were shaking to trolls. “I Shake Because of My Medication for Lupus” is the only murder in the building. Also, please read my disclaimer, which the star wrote at the bottom of a skincare post published on January 5. I am not a supporter. Selena’s comments appeared in the thread on Wednesday, January 25.

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PSA I got most of these products for free. I am not roaming everywhere like this. Before washing, use any serum to remove makeup. This breaks it down nicely. Also, use an eye-wiping sponge to treat your eyes when removing makeup gently. I’m pretending I know what I’m doing.

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The January 9 video featured Selena using various skincare products in a fresh-faced tutorial-style clip. A follower pulled up Selena for having shaky hands during a TikTok video. “PSA I got most of these products for free,” she captioned the clip, possibly alluding to the expensive products like La Mer featured in the post. “I’m not walking around like this everywhere. Use any serum to remove makeup before washing. It breaks it down well. Use eye wipes to treat your eyes while gently removing makeup. Also, use a sponge. K, I’m pretending I know what I’m doing.

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The singer wore a black headband, a simple necklace and hoop earrings, and a basic white tank top while applying the products, taking fans through her step-by-step skincare process. Miley Cyrus hit “Never Be Me” hums over the clip while Selena smooths serum on her cheekbones to remove makeup and apply face cream.

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While trolls hog the attention of Selena, her fans flood in on her for her perfect skin and kind nature. “Your absolutely beautiful flawless skin,” wrote one, while another commented, “The kindest person I’ve ever met.” Many were taken aback by Miley’s use of the song and couldn’t resist a subtle suggestion. “Is this an Easter Egg for a collaboration with Miley on her new album?” one asked, with the second-guessing, “Selena and Miley collab!”

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