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Shilpa Shetty does yoga

Shilpa Shetty gets her one-and-a-half year old daughter Samisha done yoga in front of everyone, Geeta Kapoor revealed

Sony TV (Sony Tv) The Dancing Reality Show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ (Super Dancer Chapter 4) in when contestant Anshika Rajput (Anshika Rajput) Padmini Kolhapure , who was a guest on the show (Padmini Kolhapure) And Poonam Dhillon (Poonam Dhillon) asked this question that ‘The way people in the common man’s house ask their young children to dance in front of guests or show their talent, In that way, do they also get their children to do this??’ Even though the question was for the visiting judges but Geeta Kapoor (Geeta Kapoor) By Shilpa Shetty (Shilpa Shetty) About a staggering revelation while opening quite a large pole.

Geeta Kapoor said that even Shilpa Shetty gets her little girl done. He further said that Shilpa’s daughter Samisha (Samisha) They are just one and a half years old. But still Shilpa makes her daughter do yoga in front of everyone while sitting in love. She tells Samisha to do Samisha Yoga and her daughter can also do it by raising her hand after hearing her mother’s voice. ‘Yoga’ let’s take action. Shilpa Shetty laughed at this.

Shilpa also used to dance in front of guests

seems to, Shilpa Shetty got this habit from her parents. He listened to Geeta Kapoor and said that my parents also used to make me dance. I didn’t need anyone to say it though. dance ‘D’ I used to start as soon as I heard it. And started dancing in front of the guests. Everyone laughed at their words. So Anurag Basu (Anurag Basu) My father used to send me inside the room when the guests arrived, he joked.

Padmini took this decision

So Padmini Kolhapure answered this question saying that her grandmother was not her mother but her grandmother was very fond of her. Especially in front of their aunt. Tell you, Music Empress Asha Bhosle (Asha Bhosale) Padmini is the aunt of Kolhapure. Padmini further said that whenever her aunt came, Then Padmini’s grandmother would ask her to dance in front of Asha Bhosle. She said she was so nachi in her childhood that she decided that she would not get her children to do all this.


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