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Delhi will get permission from single window

Single Window System : Delhi first implements single window policy in the country, Now it’s easy to shoot

The Delhi government has given such a gift to the people of the film industry. In fact, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation has formulated a special policy for shooting films which is garnering a lot of buzzes.

Different department rounds will not have to be installed

If any film has to be shot in another state, movie makers have to face headaches for all permissions there, but in Delhi, they will now get only a single window to shoot films. The advantage of this is that there will be no need to visit government offices for registration anymore. All these tasks will now be done through a portal. Tell you that ease of drawing business (Ease of doing business) A single window system has been developed for all agencies associated with it.

Permission from these agencies has to be obtained for shooting

Traffic police to the team shooting before shooting in any area, municipal body, DMRC, Railways, etc., include departments from which permission was to be obtained, but now under this policy of the Eastern Corporation, everything will be available at one window. Under this policy, the registration fees will have to be paid for shooting anywhere in the Eastern Corporation area. In addition, fees will also have to be paid on a daily basis.

Revenue and employment to increase

Although the implementation of this policy was announced by the Central Government many years ago, Delhi has become a state that has implemented this policy, proving that it is not a statement but a do-it-yourself policy. Obviously, this policy will affect the tourism of the state. The unemployed will also get employment. As well as the film, serial, Web series, etc. will also provide an opportunity to bring good places of the eastern corporations to the public.

These conditions also came into force

While the state government is facilitating the people of the film industry, it has also laid down several rules for them. It has been said that the applicants for shooting the film will follow all the rules and there will be no negligence on the cleanliness system at the site after the shooting and if any damage is caused to the properties of the Eastern Corporation during the shooting today, a large payment amount will be charged for the same.

J&Amp; K government also announced a single-window policy

Some time ago LG Manoj Sinha launched the J&K Film Policy 2021 The policy had unveiled and asked filmmakers to provide single-window permission to shoot and produce in beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir. He had said that Jammu and Kashmir was once the top spot for film shootings. However, gradually the interest of the film industry declined from there. In such a situation, many things and proposals were put forward once again when interest was aroused here with the aim of reviving the attraction for film shooting.


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