Sonakshi Sinha looks exactly like you – Reena Roy was upset about this in the interview, gave the answer like this

Bollywood actress Reena Roy and Sonakshi Sinha
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Bollywood’s famous actress Reena Roy has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her films. Reena Roy was in a lot of discussion about her acting as well as her relationship with actor Shatrughan Sinha. It was said about both that while working together in films, they started liking each other.

Apart from this, it is also believed about Sonakshi Sinha that her face is very similar to that of actress Reena Roy. At the same time, when this thing was said in front of Reena Roy in the interview, she was upset. Reena Roy said that she looks like her mother, not mine.

In an interview with Times of India, Reena Roy was told that Sonakshi looks exactly like you. Responding to this, Reena Roy said, “Sonakshi Sinha looks like her mother Poonam Sinha, not like me. I think Salman Khan’s family gave him a typical Indian look, which was very similar to me on-screen.”

Talking about this, Reena Roy further said, “When I did the film ‘Zakhmi’, I was called the daughter of Asha Parekh and Nasir Hussain. Dimple was said to be Nargis’s daughter. This cycle continues in the film industry. It ends after a few days.”

Let us tell you that in the interview, Reena Roy was also asked whether she has ever met Sonakshi? Responding to this, Reena Roy said, “Mary and Sonakshi met when she was very young. We were chubby, but we never met after that.”

Let us tell you that apart from Reena Roy, Sonakshi Sinha herself also talked about Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy’s affair in her interview. Talking about Reena Roy, the actress said, “I think this is from when I was not even born. When I grew up, I started to understand these things. But I will not blame my father for something he did years ago. This is their past.”

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