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The ceremony for Alia Bhatt’s baby shower looked fantastic, and the actress published photos of the event online in a traditional outfit.

Guests gathered at Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's home for the baby shower. Both the Kapoor and Bhatt families were represented in full force. Alia Bhatt has just recently revealed photos from her baby shower.

It’s official: Alia Bhatt is expecting a child. Since he broke the news, everyone from the Kapoors to the Bhatts has been in a happy mood. The arrival of Alia’s child has sparked widespread joy. Pics from Alia’s baby shower, taken by both parents, have recently resurfaced. The photographs show how joyful everyone is. All of Alia’s baby shower supporters waited patiently for a long time. Alia is glowing with adorableness in her baby shower attire.

Alia Baby Shower1

The photos of Alia showed her in a more conservative outfit.

Alia wore a yellow outfit honouring the baby shower’s customary hue. , in which she looked stunning. During that time, she made her appearance wearing a classic, understated outfit.

Alia Baby Shower2

Recently, photos of Alia Bhatt with the Kapoors have gone viral. On this momentous occasion, Alia was joined by her close pals.

Alia Baby Shower3


Attended by both the Kapoor and Bhatt families, this Godbharai ceremony was a family affair. Many people came together to wish Alia and Ranbir their warmest congratulations. Concurrently, Ranbir sported a dashing appearance during this time as well.

Alia Baby Shower4

He sported a rosy-hued kurta pyjama set. Pictures of Alia and Ranbir together that have recently emerged are adorable.

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