The film’s trailer promises that Varun Dhawan will be terrifying in his role as a wolf.

People are raving over the 'Bhediya' teaser, recently released for the upcoming film starring Varun Dhawan. In which Varun is displaying an entirely new aesthetic. Many viewers enjoy Varun in this new role.

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The movies that Varun Dhawan stars intend to be well received. He always manages to impress whenever he appears on film. He has returned to the theatre to perform his miracles once more. It’s been ten years since Varun Dhawan made his debut in the film industry. In this joyful moment, he presented his audience with a preview of his upcoming flick. Varun’s next movie, Bhediya, now has a teaser trailer. The very different approach he takes is on display. Many viewers enjoy Varun in this new role.

wolf trailer released

Watch the Varun Dhawan movie trailer Bhediya, starring Kriti Sanon, has finally hit theatres. Before you watch the trailer, you should know that Varun Dhawan spends the first few minutes of it asleep. Then Kriti and her pals attempt to pick her up. Likewise, I’m scared. There are also some hilarious lines of speech in the trailer.

On the other hand, there are a lot of comedic moments throughout the movie. Varun portrays the Ichhadhari wolf in this film. Mowgli’s classic tune “Jungle-Jungle Baat Chali Hai” will also be featured in the film.

On this date, the film will officially be available to the public.

Amar Kaushik follows up his horror comedy Stree with another ambitious project. He hopes to introduce the world to the new subgenre of Creature comedies with this picture. However, regarding the film itself, Bhediya will be shown in theatres on November 25. The film’s main stars will be Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. There has been a lot of chatter about the movie. As a bonus, its visual effects (VFX) are well received. The movie’s trailer came out a while ago.

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