The Kapil Sharma Show : Virender Sehwag marries Aarti to improve English, He said, Kapil Paji also…

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‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ (The Kapil Sharma Show) But every weekend guests are invited, Who discuss many stories related to themselves and many secrets are revealed. This time on Saturday, former cricketer Virender Sehwag (Virendra Sehwag) and Mohammad Kaif (Mohammad Kaif), Comedian Kapil Sharma (Kapil Sharma) Become part of the show. Virender Sehwag has appeared on the show before, But Mohammad Kaif became a part of the show for the first time. During the show, Kapil Sharma slammed Virender Sehwag for once saying that cricketers and his teammates Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh married their wives only to improve their English.

Kapil Sharma says Veeru Bhai came earlier, Then Veeru Bhai gave a very good reply last time, Say: Look, Me or Bhajji or Yuvi, We didn’t marry such girls, Which can improve our English. As soon as Kapil finished it, So Sahgaon said, “Yes.”, Kapil Paji was also one of them. Everyone laughed at Virendra sahgaon’s words.

When Sehwag sings and taunts Kaif and Yuvraj

Tell you that Kapil Dev is married to Rumi Dev. Sehwag is married to Aarti Ahlawat. Both of them have years 2004 I was married. Sehwag married Aarti three years after his cricket debut. at that very place, Harbhajan Singh is married to actress Geeta Basra and Yuvraj Singh is married to actress Hazel Keech.

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif unveiled several secrets. During this time he also shared an incident related to the locker room. Sharing an anecdote of your time, Kaif revealed that Sehwag had taunted him and Yuvraj Singh by singing when he was not selected for a series. Mohammad Kaif said Sehwag taunted us by singing, “How to Give To Cases, Given to such vaishas.” Sehwag then sang on the front line set of the song: “Give us a lift too.” Everyone on the show laughed at Sehwag’s funny style.


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