‘The Watchful Eye’s Mariel Molino Hints At Elena’s ‘Problematic’ Journey: She Has ‘Different Intentions’ (Exclusive)

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Get ready for an extended stay in Greybourne. Mariel molino Stars as Elena Santos, a young woman who makes her way to work as a live-in nanny for an affluent Manhattan family with a watchful eye; when she steps into The Greyborne, she finds herself surrounded by mystery, including deadly secrets. Newz web spoke exclusively with Mariel, john ackerAnd aliyah royale about what to expect

Mariel Molino as Elena Santos. (free form)

“I think from the jump Elena seems to be on the same page with Scott, and I think she definitely gives him confidence. But as I think more about her journey and where she’s going , I think from the beginning she had different intentions and different motivations. She wanted something different from this trip to The Greybourne, which I think ultimately becomes really problematic, not only for her but for their relationship and their For Beech Faith,” Mariel told Newz web,

Even though Scott isn’t working at The Greybourne, viewers will get a glimpse of life outside the mysterious building. John said of Scott, “I think slowly, throughout the episode, you get to know a little bit more about his relationship with Elena and some of his motives.” “It may not appear in the first episode or two. Little by tiny, you start getting more and more pieces of the puzzle.

When Elena starts working at The Greybourne, it is there that she meets Ginny, played by Aliyah. Aaliya reveals that Ginny and Elena’s relationship has been ‘organic’ since the beginning. “I think when you have a relationship that starts with a lot of chemistry, it’s very easy to get close very quickly,” she said.

Mariel said, “I think what’s so great about this relationship is that Elena sees someone who can see through the bulls**t. I don’t know if I can swear. But anyway, I think she finds comfort and solace in this because I think Greybourne really starts to screw with her mind and her soul, and she sees someone who’s really pure of heart. But she doesn’t want to trust him because she’s been hurt in the past. So do I trust him? Don’t I?”

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Elena becomes a nanny for Matthew, who tragically lost his wife. Mariel teases how the dynamic between Elena and Matthew will look like and whether or not there’s anything more between them.

john acker
John Acker as Scott (free form)

“I guess I have to slow Matthew down a bit because of what he’s going through. He just lost his wife, and he has an 8-year-old to raise. He’s single and in this uber-rich world.” He’s also navigating the world,” Mariel explained. “I think in Elena he sees someone who’s a lot more alike than he actually expected. I think there’s kind of this emptiness that Elena fills in some way and that’s comforting. It is always very comforting to see your child connecting with someone who is only capable of providing happiness. I think it has something to do with you. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Although I think it is a very professional relationship. I think when you’re in an intimate space like a family working so closely those lines can get blurred. I don’t know.” the watchful eye will premiere on Freeform on January 30 with two back-to-back episodes.


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