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Today there will be a double blast,

These two TV shows are being launched today, Find out when and where you can see ‘Neema Denzongpa’ and ‘a little cloud, a little water’

Colors TV (Colors Tv) But two new shows are going to start from today. Completely different from each other, Neema (Nima) And Kajol (Kajol) Your story is going to be presented to the audience. Colors TV’s serial Nima Denzongpa (Nima Denzongpa) Coming to the North East of India (North East Region From India) Sikkim living in the locality (Sikkim) The Of A Naïve Cute Little Girl, Saying goodbye to your city and entire family for your love, your in-laws, Mumbai, the city of dreams (Mumbai) Comes.

Nima who comes to Mumbai with her love hopes for a good and happy life, But he doesn’t know that his hopes are going to be shattered. Kajol has a completely different story from Nima. Innocent Kajol (Kajol) Seems to be getting married with great fanfare, But his dreams are shattered overnight. After his father’s death, he is forced to take responsibility for the house.

Find out when and where to watch these two TV serials

serial ‘Nima Denzongpa’ Surabhi Das in (Surbhi Das) has played the role of Nima and ‘a little cloud, a little water’ (Thoda Sa Badal, Thoda Sa Pani) In Drishyam Fame Actress (Drishyam Fame Actress) Ishita Dutta (Ishita Dutta) Kajol will be seen playing the role. Produced by Peninsula Pictures Pvt Ltd ‘Nima Denzongpa’ Night on Colors TV 9 It will be on air at 1:00 p.m., So built by Box and Beyond Entertainment Pvt Ltd . ‘A little cloud a little water’ night 9:30 The audience will get to see at the time. Monday to Friday i.e. week 5 Episodes of these shows will be on air during the day. You can also watch both these shows on Woot.

Strong Story of Strong Women

The makers believe that Colors TV has always tried to entertain the audience by presenting different and effective stories from all corners of their country. Keeping in mind the channel’s idea of presenting stories of powerful women, he ‘Neema Denzongpa’ and ‘A little cloud a little water’ Brought to the audience. Tell you, This is from Colors 9-10 Let’s try to make the prime time of the night even more lively.


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