Video: Anjan man forcibly enters Rakhi Sawant’s house, Actress lodges police complaint

Rakhi Sawant's disclosure
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Famous Rakhi Sawant named after Bollywood’s drama queen (Rakhi Sawant) Millions of rule hearts. Rakhi knows very well what style she can live in the hearts of fans. That’s why Rakhi makes headlines day in and day out. in such a case ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Rakhi Sawant has been in the news continuously since. Recently, an unknown person has tried to enter Rakhi’s house.

Rakhi often presents her funny style to the paper. Rakhi doesn’t shy away from talking about anything. Now there is news about Rakhi that she has lodged a police complaint against a man.

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Anjan man enters Rakhi’s house

Rakhi Sawant’s fans will be surprised to know that recently a man was calling himself a fan and broke open the door and entered his house. After which the actress has also taken action against it. Rakhi recently revealed that the incident took place when there was no one at her house, But the girl who was staying at home at the time was injured.

In the video, Rakhi says, “I live in a very poor society right now.”, Just put a fellow in the police station in jail. He had reached my house and broke the door, According to the actress she has lodged a complaint with Yoshihara police station, And he has just been put in jail, Crazy. According to Rakhi, he was speaking fan-fan. If you are a fan, then a person loves it, doesn’t he?, No one breaks the door a little. I wasn’t at home at that time, This scared the girl in the house and hurt her.


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Now I’ve lodged a police complaint. Tell you that this video of Rakhi Sawant was shared by paper photographer Veeral Bhayani on his social media page. Now Rakhi’s fans are also expressing concern knowing this and asking the actress to be vigilant.

Rakhi Sawant ever since Bigg Boss 14 has come out of, Their luck has once again started to do wonders. After Rakhi now there is one new project after another. His song ‘lockdown’ was Recently released. sing before ‘Entry in Dream’ Was released, Which was quite famous.


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