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Sher Shah's writer revealed

Vikram Batra and Dimple are just in a four-year relationship 40 Spent the days together, ‘Sher Shah’ K Writer Reveals

Film Sher Shah based on Captain Vikram Batra (sheesha) was Recently released. This film is getting a lot of love from fans. The film beautifully portrayed Vikram Batra’s heroic story as well as his love story. For the first time, Sher Shah scriptwriter Sandeep Srivastava has talked about the homework done for the movie.

Based on the life of ParamVir Chakra award winner Vikram Batra, the film beautifully depicts his love story with girlfriend Dimple Cheema. While Sidharth Malhotra has appeared in the role of Vikram Batra in the film, Kiara Advani has played the role of Dimple.

Sandeep reveals secrets

Recently Sandeep Srivastava has said that we did not reduce dimple’s role in the film, Rather, it was emphasized, That’s how much time the two spent together. According to the author, when I was researching for the film, I spoke to Dimple, during which he said that Captain Batra and he had known each other for four years, But the time they spent together is just 40 It was days.

In that case, I think we have those 40 Caught the essence of the days, Which means a lot to a woman. I respect her myself very much. The way Kiara played the character in the film, Through him their form of emotions has come out, To which everyone is connected.

Not only that, Sandeep had further said that so I think we didn’t need to add much. Dimple is a very important part of Captain Vikram Batra’s life. I think what we’ve done is maintaining the right balance. The film presents both his military and personal life.

Kiara had a conversation

Tell you when Kiara was preparing for the film, So he also talked about his meeting with Dimple Cheema. She said Dimple told her how she was impressed by the songs of the film when she met in Chandigarh tell you that Dimple had been dating Vikram for four years and in 1999 Vikram was martyred during the Kargil war. During that time the two were planning the wedding. Dimple, however, did not get married after Vikram Batra was martyred.


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